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New Jersey Ice Cream truck


“The Sweet Queen, Lisa is amazing. We absolutely love having her come to our community and bring her sweet treats! Whether she brings ice cream, churros, giant pretzels, or root beer floats all the goodies are delicious and handed out with great presentation. Lisa not only comes in a bright pink truck that can’t help but get you excited but she makes the entire experience sensational by putting out a bistro table, playing music and welcoming every person who comes to get a snack. Her smile and bubbly personality is infectious and can’t help but make you smile when you hands your chosen treat. Lisa is always on time and you can count on her to make any event even more exciting than it already is!” ~Brighton Gardens Saddle River  ~April 2016

Absolutely fabulous... From the pink truck to the Queen herself!! We thank you SOOOO very much for visiting us yesterday at St.Marys! You made their day (and mine too)! It was a pleasure xo ~Nicole  ~April 2016

THANK YOU to the Sweet Ice Queen for making today's Passaic County Championships a bit "sweeter"! And a huge THANK YOU to your amazing helper too!!! xoxoxoxo ~ Eileen Domico  May 2016

Thank you soooooo much SWEET ICE QUEEN for making our Family Reunion even sweeter!!!! When the kids saw your truck pull up, they couldn't help but contain their excitement! The selections you offered made everyone happy regardless of if they were 1 year of age or 75 years of age. But what truly made the event and experience, was YOU!!!! Lisa, you are so warm and happy that our guests could feel how kind and thoughtful you are!!!! Thanks for making our event a memorable one!!!!  

~Shirley Mattioli

​​You really know how to make someone's day! Wish you could've seen the smile on Sam's face-I tried to capture it. Thank you for being so wonderful! 

~Staci H.

​“Lisa thank you so much for a wonderful, fun-filled experience! Our guests LOVED the truck and were excited to step outside and select a treat. It was a great addition to our party. I am already thinking about what you could serve at our next party! A surprise visit from the Sweet Ice went crazy when an ice cream - candy bar truck pulled in the driveway....thank you for putting smiles on their faces!!!”

~ Deena Leider

“Viki & I would like to thank you for that very sweet surprise. That was the coolest wedding gift ever.”

~Viki & Paul Cerbasi

​“Gia's birthday party ice cream truck surprise visit.  If anyone wants their own ice cream and candy truck to show up at their party, Lisa at the Sweet Ice Queen! What a hit with the kids and with the adults!!!” 

~ Lisa Berardo

​“Sweet Ice Queen, we love you and your truck and your purpose!! You are so inspiring-we can only hope more people follow your lead! Thank you for bringing a lot of smiles to our house last night!”

~ Jessica D

​“Sweet Ice Queen visits Sydney's soccer team's kickoff party! Thank you Lisa”

~ Claudia Monello

​“Today's free ice cream event! Century 21 Eudan Hasbrouck Heights so glad we could be your first event with the Sweet Ice Cream truck.”

~ Joyce Powell